Endless Winter


Colette flying through the snow

Emma powering through powder

Mark on the steeps and deeps


We might not have experienced the 41 feet of snow that we had last year, but boy has it been a great winter so far! We have had steady snow in the last two months that have kept everything topped up, and a huge 5 1/2 feet of snow in January followed by over 3 feet of snow this last week.

Our season isn’t just about snow though. Our guests have been equally remarkable over the last few weeks. For example, the other week we had Anne-Marie and Mark with their daughters Emma and Colette. They were staying at the same time as my friend Ian Cameron, a well known landscape photographer in Scotland, his wife Hilary, and their children Lauren and Ben. Everyone got on like a house on fire. It’s fantastic to see our guests getting on well around the breakfast table and then later in the evening when everyone’s congregating around that day’s cake. Colette and Emma even inspired us to try a new type of cake. Their love of Nutella drove us to the internet and we found some recipes for Nutella cake that we adapted for the B&B. Well suffice to say that it didn’t last very long!

As a part of their holiday, Mark, Emma and Colette spent a day cat skiing and had a wonderful time in the mountains as the photos at the top of this post show. Lots of our guests do this. They either stay with us for a few days before and after cat-skiing, or just cat-ski for a day. If we have room, we often tell people that they can leave their superfluous luggage with us while they head off into the mountains for a huge powder experience.

Finally, Ben and Lauren were fantastic. I skied with them a couple of times and they really show no fear at all. They came down everything that we tried. Ben especially looked like Batman on a mission!

Roll on winter!

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